An Adult's Memories of Childhood Abductions and Their Consequences - by an Anonymous Abductee

I do not remember exactly when but as an infant or toddler, I learned to be afraid, very afraid especially at night that space aliens would take me. I was never afraid of the bogey man-he didn't occupy my thoughts. I would cry at night and beg my parents to let me sleep with them or to sit up with me with a nightlight on.

As I got older, my parents thought that I had emotional problems and took me to doctors and threatened to have me put in a "home" for children with problems if I didn't stop my nighttime hysterics. I then was confronted with being unprotected.

Several times when I was a young child I was found outside of the house banging on the door which I could not reach the handle of to the consternation of my parents. The visits of the gray aliens continue to this day at alarmingly frequent intervals. I was afraid of parked non running aircraft on visits to the local airport, fearful they would suddenly start and someone inside would grab me.

When I was sixteen, I discovered alcohol and could finally sleep at night. It later proved to be a problem which I successfully dealt with. The aliens introduced me to adulthood long before I was ready. When a human is of reproductive age the gynecological abductions begin. For me it was at age 12. I hate them for that and for the fear that ruled my life for years.

I never fit in and was a loner as I really couldn't tell anyone else the truth. I used to be afraid to be in a house alone at night even well into adulthood.

Later in my life I met Dr. David Jacobs who performed several regressions and in some manner brought me peace. I still try to foil their attempts to abduct me-not totally successfully. The grays have told me that at some time they will come for me and I will perform a job for them. They taught me to fly one of their shuttle craft and expect me to utilize that skill when they come to stay. I tremendously regret being chosen and it has caused me more pain and loss than I am able to recount here. Michael Menkin has also played a big role in all of this in his support when I feared I couldn't go on with this life. He has been a friend and colleague.

I joined MUFON and became a field investigator in an attempt to help others. I used to work in counseling but my involvement with UFOs and aliens cost me my job and any further jobs. It has indeed been a bumpy ride. I have become ill with an immune system disorder and disabled as do many abductees. I have many people to thank for their emotional and financial support-Michael not being the least and Dr. Jacobs has talked to me at all hours when the gray guys showed up to try to foil the abduction.

There have been several movies and television programs such as Independence Day and X-Files that have been so realistic as to frighten me. They usually have happy endings which this story will not. I await the day "they" will come for me and not return me as I will belong to them.

This story isn't well told but it is bits of truth that I have strung together. My illness has cost me much and my lack of employment has robbed me of a happy life. My life is typical for someone who is frequently abducted. Abduction ruins a great part of one's life, health, and financial support. So here it is folks. I will use a penname as I do not need anymore notoriety-which cost me much.