The Alien Abduction Process.

Children being abducted by aliens from space

Aliens have advanced technology and intelligence in the physical and life sciences, and possess tremendous knowledge in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and neurophysiology. They use this information to abduct, mentally influence, and modify the genomes of humans before returning them to earth.

Aliens looking through the window at children.

Aliens are very skilled at manipulating and controlling people. Bud Hopkins remarks in his books that the aliens can "turn off" a person and render them unable to move. Most people do not remember their abduction experience. Aliens cut out their memories of the event. Abductions are clandestine, aliens keep all activities as secret as possible. Read the interview with David Jacobs on this site.

Alien telepathic control and communication

Aliens first immobilize their victims, both physically and psychologically, using some kind of telepathic-mind control. Victims can also be influenced to move and do things they don't want to do. Hans Berger, the physician who discovered EEGs, disputed telepathy but almost all abductees report alien telepathy as a means of communication. Accounts of telepathy are from many investigators on many abduction cases.

Children being abducted by aliens from space.

Aliens taking children at night.

Children and babies, yes, babies, are usually taken at night. Children can also be influenced by aliens to walk in an open area to be taken or during travel to and from school. The autistic community calls this activity "wandering". Children can be "floated" out of their rooms, through walls or windows up into a waiting alien spacecraft. Aliens take children singly or in groups to play with their alien/hybrid children to teach the hybrids human behavior. Aliens also do medical procedures on children for unknown purposes. The process is ongoing.

Hybrid babies

The abduction of humans by aliens is an ongoing, lifelong process. The abduction process continues throughout the life of the individual. In one 2004 case, an 82 year old grandmother was still being abducted, both for the alien's medical procedures and to interact with alien hybrid babies and children. Many times she was taken to interact with a room full of crying alien hybrid babies. She said that when the aliens took her into a room full of crying alien hybrid babies and asked her to provide motherly comfort to them, she did not know what to do.

Human children play with hybrid children to teach them human attributes.

Aliens take human children and have them play with their hybrid children to teach human traits and characteristics to the hybrid children. Abducted children may talk about a playmate with a specific name whom the parents have never seen.

Alien medical procedure on child.

Children in vats of liquid for unknown purpose.

Aliens also take children and babies for other medical or procedural reasons which children have drawn. The purpose is unknown but may be related to genetic manipulation. The reason for Immersing both children, adults and hybrids in vats of liquid is unknown. Several drawings illustrate alien activities on children, including immersion in vats of liquid.

Child on alien medical procedure table for unknown reason.

From what we can obtain by hypnotic regression, and in some cases consciously recalled memories, reproductive procedures are performed on both men and women. Sperm is obtained from men and eggs from women. Aliens also perform some reproductive procedures on children who have not achieved puberty as well as those in puberty. When the aliens are finished they return their victims to their original location, sometimes not in the same spot. When parents find a baby lying outside its crib in the morning for no known reason the baby was possibly abducted. Children found in different beds in the morning also may have been abducted.

Aliens with child on medical table.

It appears that the aliens can't quite manipulate the human genome the way they want to, so they are constantly experimenting with modifying the human genome and making new variations of their creations. Hence the spectrum of autistic disorders, which is the result of trial and error attempts by the aliens to make a new race. As a result, every day the spectrum of autism and asperger's gets greater. Aliens abduct many people so the percentage of autistic humans in the population, that is, humans with damaged genomes, increases on a daily basis.

Alien doctor and child.

Note that the doctor is an alien doctor, not a human doctor. These drawings are all we have to provide information about what aliens do to the children they abduct. We can only guess at the significance of events that the children depicted.