Authentic drawings of aliens made by an adult human.

Drawings of aliens from space made by an abductee who has worn a thought screen helmet or baseball cap lined with veslostat almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week since 1999. These are the only adult drawings ever made.

Male - We believe this is a male. Note the protuberances from its face. They are stiff and hard according to the abductee. Their function is unknown. This creature is 7 and a half feet high. It wears a long purple colored robe. These are the leaders and controllers of alien social hierarchy according to David Jacobs.

Female - According to the abductee, this alien female brought the abductee to orgasm to collect eggs. Also, according to the abductee, this female alien is in charge of the abduction procedure. As the creature performed her procedure, the abductee reported that the four upper arms rhythmically moved up and down. It also has protuberances from its face, and a tongue with a claw on the end. It's hands are claws with no fingers. The abductee's impression, "it's a female but it doesn't have any genitals."

Gray Alien - These are the aliens who do most of the abduction work, although alien-human hybrids are now taking over some of their functions according to David Jacobs. Note that this alien is drawn wearing some kind of apparatus on its back which enables it to float from an alien spacecraft, pass through walls and perform other super technological acts as well as immobilizing abductees.

Short Gray Alien - These are also aliens who work for the tall, insect like aliens. They are the menial workers. As far as we know, all of these creatures are sterile, according to abductee reports. We believe that the insect aliens made themselves sterile by over-manipulating their genes and manage to stay alive by taking cellular material and energy from humans and possibly animals. They are trying to reproduce their progeny by creating new creatures using some of their genes mixed with human genes, which may be damaging the human genome and creating the epidemic of autism.