• Complete control of short-term memory.

  • Physically travel neural pathways to collect memories and project images into memory and consciousness.

  • Create a benevolent impression despite inflicting pain.

  • Stop people from using a gun or other weapons. Aliens have a real telepathic skill in blocking humans from shooting.

  • Read minds from 100 miles distant.

  • Mentally force humans to do things they don't want to do.


  • Travel in our atmosphere at speeds of 100,000 mph (160,900 km/hr).

  • Control gravity - ability to "float" people in the air and direct their movement.

  • Pass through solid objects including glass windows and windshields, house walls, doors, and even brick walls.

  • Disable all electrical apparatus including automobile ignitions.

  • Make themselves and their spacecraft invisible.  See Budd Hopkin's and Carol Rainey's book, Sight Unseen.

Alien Incapabilities - things aliens can't do

  • From some abductee reports, we can assume that the aliens are unaware that their creations, the alien-human hybrids, may also be autistic. An abductee reported that when she was taken onboard an alien spacecraft, she remembers seeing an alien-human hybrid “flapping” his hands just as her autistic son does.

  • Professor David Jacobs reports that the aliens have been here since about 1880. An abductee stated that the aliens are incapable of understanding human hygiene: they don’t understand why we brush our teeth or bathe. They do not know what soap is or how it is used. “You can tell a hybrid from a human,” she stated, “because the hybrids really stink. They never bathe so they smell terrible.”

  • Since the aliens don’t eat as humans do, but absorb food through their skin like a jellyfish, the do not understand cooking. An abductee reported that an alien-human hybrid asked here to explain how cooking utensils, such as a spatula and ladle, are used. This question may have been raised in their planned attempt to integrate into human society.

  • Cannot read our written language routinely. However, transgenics or hybrids integrating into human society can speak, read, and write incompletely. See Budd Hopkin's and Carol Rainey's book, Sight Unseen.

  • Require a device to translate our language into telepathy (They cannot understand our language outright when they cannot read our minds).

  • Do not communicate by television, internet, telephone, or radio.

  • Do not use radio and cannot understand radio transmissions (they can read our minds but they don't understand our language when it is broadcast).

  • Do not understand ingestion of food for energy or need for water (hunger and thirst). No abductee has ever been offered food or water by any alien. Abductees who have been kept for several days return dehydrated. Aliens have no understanding of the flavor of food.

  • Alien skin also serves to absorb food, making aliens susceptible to strong odors and gases. Several abductees report they don't like perfume.

  • Less dexterous than humans. One abductee foiled an abduction by having her husband wrap her with string and subsequently hiding the scissors. The aliens could not remove the string and did not take her. Aliens have not been able to remove a thought screen helmet secured with tape or string.

  • Physically weaker than humans (If a human gains consciousness while being abducted the grays stand back until mental control is regained).

  • Do not throw or perform other physical human attributes. Refer to Prof. William Calvin's book about human brain development, The Throwing Madonna, or see his website in the links section. Note that there are no drawings on this site depicting alien/hybrid children throwing a ball or playing with it.

  • Limited Genetic and Medical knowledge of humans. Many abductees, both men and women, and alien-hybrids as well, have unusual immune system disorders created by alien experimentation. Some humans become extremely sick from alien abduction procedures. The aliens let their sick hybrids die, keeping only the healthy ones for further development.

Alien Difficulties

  • Alien spacecraft are vulnerable to electrical storms. It is possible that they were not designed to withstand lightning. The aliens' spacecraft may have been disabled in a fierce electrical storm at Roswell, New Mexico. Electrical storms did occur about the time of the estimated crash. Current NASA videos from the space shuttle show alien spacecraft entering into electrical storms. The aliens are possibly studying electrical storms and have re-designed their spacecraft to withstand them.

Artist's rendering of alien hands, as described by Marilyn and Linda in Budd Hopkin's book, Witnessed. Aliens aren't as dexterous as humans. They can't remove thought screen helmets secured with tape or string.

In one case, before thought screen helmets were available, an abduction was thwarted when a victim had her husband wrap her with string.  Her husband hid the scissors, and the aliens could not remove the string so they did not take her. They were very angry. Some abductees report that aliens try to remove their helmets and cannot do so when the helmets are secured with tape or string.