Abduction Syndrome

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This jigsaw ribbon symbolizes autism, a complex neuro-developmental disorder affecting one in 68 children in the United States, possibly worldwide. The autism epidemic is a consequence of incompetent alien scientists from space trying to make a new race by mixing their genes with our genes and only partially succeeding in the process. The aliens demonstrated their scientific incompetence by making themselves sterile with their own gene manipulations.

Michael Menkin

Michael Menkin is a retired technical writer who worked for the Federal Aviation Administration. He was one of the original writers of NASA Tech Briefs and contributed to the Federal Government's Technology Utilization Program for disseminating NASA technology to private industry in the 1970s. Michael Menkin has over 30 years of experience in high-technology marketing and technical writing. He has worked for the Boeing Company, Mettler-Toledo, Metawave Communications Corporation, Fluke Corporation, AT&T, The Robbins Company, Innovation, Inc, Panasonic Avionics, The University of Washington, The University of California San Francisco Medical Center at Mount Zion, The University of California's Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Pacific Avionics, Western Applied Research and Development, and SpaceLabs Healthcare.

History of the site

The thought screen helmet was invented in 1999. A website with instruction for making the helmets,, was put in the internet in 2000. It is still on the internet and can now be used with an I phone. I put this website on the internet in 2003 after I received 150 drawings of children being abducted by aliens. Those drawings were made by the same children who were abducted. After making thought screen helmets for many people being abducted by aliens who had autistic children, I concluded that alien abductions and the epidemic of autism are related. My theory about the cause of the epidemic of autism is presented along with children’s drawings of their alien abduction experiences.