Aliens and Children

Drawings of aliens by the children the aliens abduct

This website has original drawings made by children who are abducted by aliens. It includes drawings of aliens, alien spacecraft, alien hybrids, children being abducted by aliens, and the things aliens do to children.

For complete authenticity, descriptions and comments on the drawings have not been edited. The drawings of a brother and sister are featured on this website. Drawings of aliens by children all over the world are requested for display on this website. Please email drawings to this website if you have some to share.

For insight into these drawings see The Threat by David M. Jacobs and his latest book, Walking Among Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, or refer to the web site, International Center for Abduction Research, in the links section.

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Gray aliens

Mantis aliens (the leaders)

Snake-skin aliens (reptilians)

Hybrid babies

Alien/human hybrids

Alien Activities